School Fees

School Fees

To view our current school fee structure for Foundation to Year 6, please click on the link below.  For further inquiries regarding fees please contact Mrs Tracy Downing, Business Manager on 8388 7228 or email on [email protected].

 Fees schedule 2018.pdf

Cornerstone College Fee Structure

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To view Cornerstone College Fees please go the Cornerstone College website or click on the Cornerstone College link below.

LEAH Schools Rebate

Foundation - Yr 12

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Enrolling your child at St Michael’s opens a door that can take your child right through to the end of secondary school.  LEAH – Lutheran Education Adelaide Hills – is a partnership between Cornerstone College and the Lutheran primary schools in the Adelaide Hills.  Enrolling your child at St Michael’s guarantees your child a place in year 7 at Cornerstone College.

To acknowledge the commitment families make to Lutheran education for the thirteen years of each child’s schooling, St Michael’s Lutheran School & Cornerstone College offer a rebate for families who have students simultaneously enrolled at both St Michael’s and Cornerstone.

The rebate will operate with three components as outlined below
1. A $100 rebate will be applied to tuition fees by St Michael’s for each child enrolled at St Michael’s while they have a sibling enrolled at Cornerstone College.
2. A $250 rebate will be applied to tuition fees by Cornerstone College for each child enrolled at Cornerstone College while they have a sibling enrolled at St Michael’s.
3. An early $200 reimbursement to families of part of the Enrolment Deposit for Cornerstone College when a student begins in Year 7 at Cornerstone College and has a sibling enrolled at St Michael’s.

To apply for the rebate families will need to complete an application form to St Michael’s at the beginning of the year. Qualifying families will have the appropriate rebate applied to their fee accounts at St Michael’s and Cornerstone College respectively. The introduction of this rebate does not affect the existing sibling discount and remissions currently in place at St Michael’s.

For further questions, please contact St. Michael’s Business Manager, Tracy Downing or Cornerstone College.

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