Christian Studies

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Christian Studies is a key learning area in the curriculum structure of a Lutheran school. It is central to the educational program and is the entirety of school life. The Christian education program is expressed through all teaching and learning activities, the worship program, pastoral care for students and staff, behaviour management policies and practices and other events that encompass students and staff spirituality through out the school.

Students who participate in the Christian Studies program may originate from different faith and spiritual backgrounds. Some students may have an active Christian life and others may have no prior experience.

Christian Studies is a program of study about the Christian faith. Like all forms of academic learning its purpose is to inform students and to help them develop their understanding of life and the world in which they live. The basis of Christian Studies is the word of God as revealed in the Old and New Testament with the gospels as its focus. It is informed by Lutheran confessions. As part of the academic program of the school Christian Studies allows students to engage critical inquiry by expressing their own views and by exploring the beliefs of others within an atmosphere of openness.

Christian Studies is to be educationally sound, stimulating and challenging as well as relevant and appropriate for students from a wide range of personal backgrounds with different needs and stages of development and learning skills.

Along with school workshop activities, Christian Studies has an integrating effect on what happens in the school, giving meaning to each activity, binding together the many parts into a “whole” with the gospel at its heart. This helps to make the Christian perspective integral to all parts of the formal and informal curriculum. It also clearly suggests a need for the coordination of Christian Studies with other subjects in the formal curriculum.

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