Lutheran Education

Since 1839 the Lutheran Church has continually supported a strong network of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools throughout all states of Australia. Whilst all Lutheran education centres are autonomous and are governed locally, Lutheran Education Australia is the umbrella under which all such centres operate.

Lutheran schools provide warm and caring relationships in a safe environment for all. They are places where individual gifts and differences are respected and care between parents, staff and students is emphasised.

Lutheran schools cater for a wide range of abilities and emphasise key competencies, stimulate thinking skills, utilise technology and provide programmes for students with special learning needs and gifted and talented students.

Lutheran schools create a challenging and enjoyable learning environment with an emphasis on self-motivation. Students are also encouraged to develop a spirit of service. This service covers every dimension of life:

- all activities: study, work, leisure, recreation and entertainment.
- all relationships: to God, to other people, to the Church, to self.
- all ambitions: values and attitudes.

Within the Adelaide Hills, Lutheran schools have a cooperative arrangement.  LEAH (Lutheran Education Adelaide Hills) works together to promote Lutheran Education in the Adelaide Hills.  LEAH schools comprise of St Michaels, Springhead Lutheran School, Lobethal Lutheran School, St Mark's Lutheran School and Cornerstone College.  After siblings, students form LEAH primary schools have the highest priority for entry into Cornerstone College thus ensuring seamless F – 12 Lutheran education in the Hills.

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Cornerstone College in Mt Barker caters for yrs 7-12.

For more information on Cornerstone College, please click on the logo to the right hand side.



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