At St. Michael's we believe that volunteers make a significant contribution to the school community by giving their time and sharing their God-given talents, skills and expertise with others. Volunteers may have a wide rage of interests and abilities that complement and support school programs, thus providing a wider range of interactions and experiences for students.

St Michael's defines volunteers as any person not employed by the school who gave of their time to assist in school activities involving students. This may be short/long term, ongoing or one of.

NB. Volunteers working in the school will under normal circumstances be supervised and will be in sight of a staff member.

All volunteers before being accepted by the school are to:

- Complete the online mandatory notification training.

- Obtain an appropriate police check.

Records of both mandatory notification training and police checks will be kept in a central register maintained by the school.


Police Clearance


Please complete and print this form. This will need to be taken to the police station, you will be required to supply identification to satisfy the 100 point check process. Once this has been completed the paperwork needs to be given to the school.

Responding to Abuse and Neglect Training


If you do not have an account you will need to set one up first. If you do have an account login and follow the instructions. The training will take approximately 90 minutes.

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