School Blogs

The School Blog is an important communication tool that provides information between teachers and parents. 


St Michael's have various blogs to record and communicate information regarding school and class activities. These blogs are hosted by the Edublogs education blogging service.

Please click on the following link to read our School Blog Information & Guidelines and feel free to contact our ICT Education Support Officer [email protected] if you have any trouble accessing these blogs.

 School Blog Guidelines.pdf
 School Blog Information.pdf

Learning Community Blogs

Each learning community at St Michael's have a blog, where the teachers and/or the students post news, information, pictures and video clips about their class's activities. To access any of these blogs, click on the links below.

Beginning Learning Community
Junior Learning Community
Middle Learning Community
Senior Learning Community

Other Blogs

Other staff also provide blogs about their specialist area. To access any of these blogs, click on the links below.

Creative Arts
Physical Education
Teaching & Learning
Parents & Friends
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