School Chaplain/Student Wellbeing

At St Michael’s we love to see thriving happy children.  We know that at different times and for many varying reasons, children may need help in their emotional and social growth. To support our students in developing in these areas and in reaching their full potential, St Michael’s offers the following opportunities for student learning:

•  A social and emotional learning curriculum taught at all levels in the school

•  Specific learning programs being used at different year levels to meet specific developmental needs.  These programs include:
•  Stop, think, do
•  Bounce Back – resilience training
•  What’s the Buzz for early learners – friendship skills
•  What’s the Buzz – friendship skills
•  Friendly Schools, Friendly Families
•  Belonging – an anti-bullying program
•  Development of leadership skills for Upper Primary students
•  Small groups with focused learning on friendship making and raising
•  Small groups aiming to assist students with their emotional management through the use of mindful breathing techniques
•  ‘Seasons for Growth’ – a program for children to deal with grief and loss
•   Working with students to assist during difficult times in their life
•  Our wellbeing program works together with our behaviour management process to develop respectful relationships and restore broken ones.

The staff at St Michael’s liaise with professionals to assist students in the classroom and playground.  Staff are also able to work with families in seeking help from professionals for their children, in order to meet a variety of needs.

St Michael’s also offers the opportunity for parents to undertake ‘Parenting Toolbox’, a 6 week parenting course held in conjunction with St Michael’s Lutheran Church.  The course is offered to parents of 3 different age brackets.

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