Meet our Staff

All of the teachers employed by St Michael's satisfy the requirements as set down by the Teacher's Registration Board for registration.

A list of the qualifications held by teaching staff are recorded.  In addition to these formal qualifications all staff undergo training in mandatory notification and hold all the necessary qualifications for teacher registration in South Australia, including a criminal history check.


Taylor, Terri.jpg


Mrs Terri Taylor

Dip T (ECE)

Grad Dip Theol Ed

M ED, Theol

[email protected]



PYP Co-Ordinator

Stevens, Evie.jpg


Mrs Evie Stevens

B. ECE/Grad. Cert. Ed. Lead./Grad. Dip. Theo. Ed./M. Ed.

[email protected]

Beginning Learning Community/Lisa Smith


McGaffin, Lisa.jpg


Mrs Lisa Smith

B. A., B. Ed. Early Childhood

[email protected]

Beginning Learning Community/Melissa Smith


Smith, Melissa.jpg


Mrs Melissa Smith

B. Ed. (Jnr Prim/Prim.)

[email protected]

Junior Learning Community/Daniel Eckermann


Eckermann, Daniel.jpg


Mr Daniel Eckermann

B. Ed. Prim., B. Sc.

[email protected]

Junior Learning Community/Rene Kruger


Kruger, Rene.jpg


Mrs Rene Kruger

B. Teach., Grad. Dip. Th. Ed.

[email protected]

Junior Learning Community/Jenny Schultz


Schultz, Jen.jpg


Mrs Jenny Schultz

Grad. Cert. Th. Ed., B. Early Childhood

[email protected]

Middle Learning Community/Claire Daughtry


Daughtry, Claire.jpg


Mrs Claire Daughtry

B. Ed. Early Childhood

[email protected]

Middle Learning Community/Darlene Hall


Hall, Darlene.jpg


Mrs Darlene Hall

B. A., M. A. Tchg.

[email protected]

Middle Learning Community/Brad Pfeiffer


Pfeiffer, Brad.jpg


Mr Brad Pfeiffer

B. Teach., Grad. Dip. Th. Ed.

[email protected]

Senior Learning Community/Rachel Burden


Burden, Rachel.jpg


Mrs Rachel Burden

Assoc. Dip. Bus., B. Ed. Prim.

[email protected]

Senior Learning Community/Mandy Moseley


Moseley, Mandy.jpg


Mrs Mandy Moseley

B. Teach., Grad. Dip. Th. Ed

[email protected]

Diverse Learning Co-Ordinator

Kelly, Georgia.jpg


Mrs Georgia Pope

M. Spec. Ed.

B. Ed, Dip. T. (Jnr Primary)

[email protected]

Physical Education

Phillips, Michael.jpg


Mr Michael Phillips

(Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

B. Early Childhood

[email protected]

LOTE (German)

Westermann, Helen.jpg


Frau Helen Westermann

(Tuesday & Wednesday)

B. A., Grad Dip. Ed. Cambridge Uni/RSA


[email protected]

Administration & Ancillary Staff

Business Manager

Downing, Tracy.jpg


Mrs Tracy Downing

[email protected]


Francis, Lee-Anne.jpg


                 Mrs Lee-Anne Francis

                 [email protected]

ICT Support Officer

Whittaker, Mary.jpg


Mrs Mary Whittaker

B. App. Sc (Computer Studies), Dip. Acc, Cert IV TAA

[email protected]

School Assistant

Babidge, Novalene.jpg


Mrs Novalene Babidge

[email protected]

School Assistant

Mahomet, Jane.jpg


Mrs Jane Mahomet

[email protected]

School Assistant

Nobes, Debra.jpg


Mrs Debra Nobes

[email protected]

School Assistant

Grivell, Ann.jpg


Mrs Ann Grivell

[email protected]

School Assistant

Johnson, Raelene.jpg


Mrs Raelene Johnson

[email protected]

School Assistant

Liebelt, Janine.jpg


Mrs Janine Liebelt

[email protected]


Collins, Dennis.jpg


Mr Dennis Collins


Steiner, Ben.jpg


Mr Ben Steiner

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