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In the school we proudly display our school bell which originally came out with the German settlers.

First established in 1839, St. Michael’s is the oldest continuing Lutheran school in Australia. The German settlers, upon starting a new life in Hahndorf, founded the school so that their children would be taught the Lutheran faith and German heritage.

The school was closed by an Act of Parliament in 1917 at the height of the First World War and remained closed until its reopening in 1946.

During the sixty years since its re-opening at the present site, several major building programs and refurbishments have been undertaken to ensure that the school community has the best educational facilities possible. From a very simple start with few students, St. Michael’s now caters for 250 students.

Today, whilst we are proud of our humble beginnings and German heritage, St. Michael’s is a school for all residents of the Hills community.

Over the decades, St. Michael’s has retained its core value of teaching the Christian faith. Being built on such strong foundations St. Michael’s is well positioned to continue its journey into this next century.

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